Getting Started

Hello all,

Starting to write again. Set this blog up a year ago, a month after I returned to settle in South Africa. The journey to here has been amazing, many of you know about it. There’s been so much to getting established; for me, writing about it wasn’t part of the process, I just entered in. After more than a year, it felt essential to relocate from Johannesburg to Cape Town. Felt like a better location to “come home to” after traveling to support projects and connect with folks. It’s been a good decision.

In the first year, my visits were to Zimbabwe, Kenya, Malawi, Burkina Faso, India, and various places in South Africa – always with issues related to HIV and AIDS.

My life is also about staying connected with my grandkids in the US, so we’ve created a possible routine: 8 months in Africa, 4 months in America. Each place, I enjoy maintaining the flow of ministry matters and being with family a bit. Skype helps. I’m no techie, but the little I do keep me connected more broadly.

Hopefully, this will be another way to keep connected. The initial thought was to write  stories and post pictures about my international work with SIM – Hope for AIDS. That may be the case. Really, though, I feel inclined just to write what’s on my mind and include snippets of what is influencing me – authors, conversations, ponderings, natural beauty, heroic people, and so on. Will see what develops.

Come along for the journey.


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