Sabbath / Shabbat

Am pondering how to facilitate and participate in mini Sabbath moments where I can pause long enough to breathe and recognize the reality of divine Presence. What intimate graces await discovery?

Candle_by_Kathii red

BY SAYING NO to making some things happen, other things are able to happen. When we put a pause in our daily labor, other things—love, friendship, prayer, touch, singing, rest—may be born into the space created by our rest. Wayne Muller suggests, “Walking with a friend, reciting a prayer, caring for children, sharing bread and wine with family and neighbors—those are intimate graces that need precious time and attention” . . .”the point is: the space and time created to say yes to sacred spirituality, sensuality, sexuality, prayer, rest, song, delight.”

(From Wayne Muller, Sabbath, Finding Rest, Renewal, and Delight in Our Busy Lives,1999.)

I like the part of me that desires and hungers for Sabbath in the off-moments of daily life. Today, it was driving home in the evening sunlight and enjoying the various darker shades of green in the fields, sunlight breaking out from behind the clouds – just delighting in the moment. It seemed to set the stage for the later quiet time, sitting with good coffee while reflecting on a couple of well written paragraphs. The invitation was there to participate in God’s Presence, to listen with my heart.

(c)2014 Susan McDonald


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